Monday, July 26, 2010

The Cheeky Monkey Experience

I recently attended the aesthetic show in Toronto and picked up a few goodies. Cheeky Monkey was a brand that stood out with their fun names and cute packaging. I got the base coat- Wet Dream, polish in Born Again Virgin, and the top coat- I like It On Top. Fun, no? It's a 4-free brand (no formaldehyde) and has a good range of shades. I only picked up one because I needed to see how well the polish performed. I wanted to try Dirty Secret, and Camel Toe (hahaha) t00 but decided to wait.

All the polishes come with witty or downright hilarious tags with different sayings in them. This one was a gem!

So how was the experience? Not great. Born Again Virgin is a fun, light pink shade and I love the color but it went on pretty unevenly and refused to self-level.

After I applied the top coat (and I allowed the polish to dry a bit before I did so) everything started to bubble. You can kind of see some bumps on the center nail.

The thumb got it the worst though and here it's really visible. Fast forward an hour later and I am not happy. Not only was it bubbly but it also wasn't dry. Unacceptable I say, so I took the whole mess off. Needless to say I was disappointed. I had high hopes for this line and was loving the 4-free part but it just didn't work.

The Lippman Experience is coming up!