Sunday, February 21, 2010

My first post and a rave/review!

Greetings all! I'm very excited to start my blogging journey and have some fun!

I want to start with a product that I had no idea I would be purchasing so soon. I've been eyeing the Evan Healy line on her web-site for the past month and was considering placing an order. However, I am really not a huge fan of ordering products without the opportunity of a sniff or two first. I like to get to know my products before I'm willing to commit to a relationship with them. Unfortunately the health food stores in my city don't carry the line. Boo to me.

Imagine my excitement when I wandered into a quiant little health food store in a neighboring town and saw a shelf full of Evan Healy!! For those of you wondering, it is a completely natural line of skicare created by a holistic esthetician based in San Diego, CA.

Since this wasn't a planned shopping expedition I could only really justify buying one product and I sooo knew just what that one would be. Say hello to my little friend-- Green Tea Clay mask. Let me just start by saying that it smells like divine matcha tea! I know clay masks can be mixed with pretty much any kind of liquid.. ie; water, honey, hydrosols, and even milk and yogurt. I happend to have sheep milk yogurt in my fridge so I went with that. I figured the lactic acid in the yogurt would be a nice exfoliating boost. I left the mask on for about 10 min and absolute fabulousness was to follow! My skin was butter soft and since the yogurt was full fat I was feeling pretty moisturized as well. No burning or tingling sensations, just clean and soothed skin. Next time if I'm feelig particularly shiny I may try plain water or a hydrosol as a mixing medium to help soak up some of my t-zone oilies.
So far I'm impressed and ready to continue my relationship with the awesome mask!

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  1. Thanks so much for the great review. Sounds like a must try product!