Monday, February 22, 2010

Two gripes and a yay...

Sooo it seems that I`ve recently become painfully aware of some shortcomings that I mostly overlooked for the majority of my life thus far. There I was trying to re-create some eye looks from different MakeupbyTiffanyD videos and I could not figure out why oh why none of them turned out quite right. Enter light bulb or ``ah ha`` moment. I have stubby tiny lashes and a heavy lid! All these years when I looked in the mirror I just saw me.. my lashes, my lids. They looked pretty normal to me. Not so much when I started comparing them to TiffanyD`s or Pixiwoos`. Grr I say. At least with the lashes I can fake it with a pair of falsies for special occasions or even extensions, but the heavy lids.. well they suck. Short of plastic surgery though, I`m stuck with with them so I`ll just have to be careful with winged liner ( can go very wrong) and certain shadow looks that just disappear somewhere in the folds.
Ahh light at the end of the tunnel time. I like my lips! I really do. There is something very healthy about finding something about yourself that you enjoy. It`s easy to tear yourself down and constantly compare your looks or achievements with others` but we have to find the positives in ourselves and concentrate on that. Easier said than done I say... even in my late twenties I am not immune to ``but her lashes are so much nicer than mine`` *pout* lol.


  1. I also have heavy lids (you can check out some of my looks to help you if you are stuck on ideas! :) I dont even try and recreate any of those looks as i know i am never going to look like that :P

  2. Thanks! I'll be sure to check them out!