Sunday, March 28, 2010

NOTD: Easter Series- OPI Mod About You

*Please excuse the dry cuticles

I thought I would do a pastel Easter series of nail color. Any color that will evoke images of bunnies and chocolate eggs and pretty pastel cupcakes will be up here! First off I'm starting with OPI's Mod About You. Let me start by saying that I absolutely love the end result of this pretty pink pastel. Now, for the drawbacks. It is one of the most unforgiving polishes I have ever worked with. I found it nearly impossible to get it close to the cuticle and still maintain smooth margins. I ended up having to employ the help of a toothpick to straighten things up.

The formula is slightly chalky, almost as if someone added a drop of red pigment into a bottle of whiteout. Despite the fact that it is a rather thick formula, I still had to watch out for streaking and opacity issues. (Ring finger needed 3 coats).

All in all I think this would be a color much better suited to toes where perfection isn't exactly a must (neatness wise). Can't wait to try it on my footsies especially when I have a bit of a tan!

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